Best YouTube Video Length For Monetization

We are all well aware of how YouTube is the second most searched and most loved website across the world. Given the present scenario, YouTube is actually the most prominent search engine globally, with over 2 billion active users per day. The platform not only serves as a pool of limitless knowledge and entertainment; but also a base through which numerous individuals can earn and flourish in their careers as YouTubers.

However, one needs to adhere to YouTube Monetization Policy to be eligible for learning, earning, and growing. Due to this policy, many of the new YouTubers need clarification about the ideal video length, which could make them eligible to make money through this excellent platform.

Keep reading if you wish to learn what could be the best YouTube video length for monetization.


What is YouTube’s monetization policy?

Before moving ahead to learn about the ideal YouTube video length, it is extremely important for you to know what is actually YouTube’s monetization policy.

So, in the simplest manner, a YouTube monetization policy is a set of criteria or eligibility that one has to clear to be able to earn revenue through YouTube. YouTube’s monetization policies mainly include community guidelines, Rights Clearance Adjustment policies, Copyright, and Google AdSense program policies.

However, one needs to be eligible for YouTube Program Program to be able to monetize. To join the YPP, you will be required to have the following:

  • Attain 4,000 watch hours during the past 12 months
  • 1,000 followers or YouTube subscribers
  • You must reside in a country that is qualified for the YouTube Partner Program.
  • An AdSense account that has been approved
Best Video Length On YouTube For Monetization

Best YouTube Video Length For Monetization


Ultimate Question: The Best YouTube Video Length for Monetization

Now, coming to the ultimate question, what is the best YouTube video length to get your channel monetized? So, to clear the air around the topic, there are no such criteria or eligibility for the length of your YouTube video regarding monetization.

The best length for your YouTube video depends on the niches you are targeting and the type of target audience you are focusing on. In other words, the ideal length for your YouTube video varies with each type of niche, topic, and audience. For example, every person’s needs and requirements are not the same. Some want prompt solutions, and some are just looking for long spare time entertainment. Therefore, while making your content try to decipher what are your target audiences, how you can connect with them in the best manner, and what is your motive behind making the particular YouTube video. These few points can help you a lot to gain clarity about the ideal length for your video. To understand this better, let’s move ahead and answer some common questions relating to ideal YouTube video length.


Is there any minimum length to monetize YouTube videos?

As explained above, there are no such criteria regarding the minimum length of YouTube videos for monetization. One can make videos of varied lengths ranging from short YouTube videos of less than a minute to educational marathons or videos up to more than 4 hours. For example, short videos could play with ads; similarly, you can display mid-roll ads or promotions on YouTube videos that are longer than 10 minutes.

Simply put, there’s no minimum length for YouTube videos to monetize them.


What is the ideal length for YouTube videos?

So, if there are no minimum length criteria for YouTube videos, then what is the ideal length for them? Most experts suggest that your YouTube video’s ideal length should be between 8 to 10 minutes. Nonetheless, as we have described previously, the ideal length for your YouTube video could vary given the audience you are targeting, the topic chosen, and the niche your video is focussing on.


How to know the ideal length for your YouTube video?

Most of our readers must be confused as to how we could find out the ideal length for YouTube videos. The process is very simple. In fact, you only need to be certain and clear about what niche you are focussing on, who your target audiences are, and what your motive behind the video is. Once you are done with clearing these points, do a quick check on YouTube about your video’s niches or topics, search for relevant keywords, and make sure to analyse the base of their popularity among the audience.


Does YouTube video length really matter?

As we have discussed, YouTube currently has no minimum requirement regarding the length of YouTube videos. If one wishes to monetize their channel, they only require 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, regardless of how long or short the video is. Your YouTube videos are acceptable for monetization as long as YouTube’s monetization policies are met.

In simplest words, the length of your YouTube video does not directly impact monetization. Still, it does play a role in the ranking of your videos and the popularity of your channel.

For example, in case you are producing some entertaining content that is essentially long and stretching. Then this can cause the users to lose interest in your content. On the contrary, if you are producing educational content, your users will want detailed and clear explanations; hence the educational content should generally be long.


Final thoughts

It would not be wrong to say that any content creator who has high quality, interesting, equally engaging content would definitely get successful on this platform given the huge margin of viewers present.

One should only be focused on creating a brand image with their content. They should be aware of who their target audience is and what niches they are focussing on. If one’s mind is clear about these very basic points, one will automatically come to know about the needs of their audience and work accordingly. This practice will help creators to avoid any misguidance and enable them to make their own strategies, as we have explained thoroughly that there are no such criteria set regarding the minimum length of YouTube videos. Hence, to decide the length of your YouTube video, you should just focus on the niche and needs of their target audience.

Hope the article helped clear all your doubts!