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Why Are YouTube Views Not Updating?

When you are trying to calculate the stats of your channel, like the number of views, monetization, etc., notice that your views are fixed and not increasing! Is YouTube not updating the views on your video? Explore this article to learn all about why the views count on your YouTube videos is stuck.


Did you wake up one day and realize your YouTube view is not updating? What?

The world’s most exciting yet second most visited website after Google. Every day more than two million people use it. According to the survey, it was concluded that on a global level, people usually watch over one billion hours of YouTube every day.

Let’s talk about what counts as a ‘view’ on YouTube. So, in simple terms, every time any audience intentionally initiates to play any video on their devices, the most important thing is to watch it for at least 30 seconds, which is counted as a ‘view’ now. The best part about this is if any of the viewers watch your video on YouTube, say, more than once, then each screening will be counted as a new view.

Views On YouTube Got Frozen

YouTube Views Not Updating


Why are YouTube views not updating?

You, as a person, might not be aware of this issue, but there is something that most of our content creators are trying to solve. YouTube indeed keeps track of your views, but the worst part is it does not update the information of the view at that particular time. The views must come from the actual person, not from any robot or something. To preserve the integrity of the views, YouTube is strict about what they update as a ‘view’ during the first few hours after you submit the video. The views that are recorded are those that YouTube considers being valid.

To ensure that views are counted and should be updated from time to time as a view count goes higher to higher, they update it less frequently and might sometimes not update some of the view counts if the views go above 300 to assure the quality of the view count. So, if your view count is not updating, or you can say it got frozen at 301 views, it’s not a glitch. And this is a normal operation process in the world of YouTube videos.

Usually, YouTube views get updated every 48 hours, but sometimes, it gets delayed and takes up to 72 hours; the real-time views usually get updated every few seconds to give up-to-date information about the views on your video. Unfortunately, the issue of not updating by the number of views on your video is typically not in your control. Every social media platform runs into several types of issues. The same goes for YouTube, which sometimes cannot update the view data for various channels.

In this case, if a majority of views come from the same viewer, they might get removed. If the view is still not updated, it will not affect the number of likes or dislikes on your YouTube video. Your video can still be viewed and monetized despite the view count freeze. So, once your view count has been verified, the actual number of views is released, and the view count will begin increasing again.



YouTube is one of the most increasing yet most popular websites in itself. Now that you understand why your YouTube views are not updating on time. After knowing everything, sit back and rack in the views.