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YouTube Comments Not Showing

Why are the comments not showing on YouTube?

The YouTube comments on the app or website might not load for various reasons. First, anyone having this issue must ensure their internet connection is operational. Even if the connection is functioning, severe latency or sporadic signal drops may prevent the comments from loading properly. To ensure everything is operating, it should consider moving closer to the Wi-Fi router or switching to cellular data. Consider switching to a steady Wi-Fi connection and rechecking if you already utilise cellular data.
In some cases, outdated apps can exhibit strange connectivity troubles. In accordance with its policy to discourage hate speech, bullying, racism, and other harmful remarks, YouTube occasionally bans comments on videos. Checking to see if comments are enabled in the first place is important since video uploaders have the ability to disable comments for particular videos.

Check the Team YouTube Twitter account to see if the website is having issues or if other channels are experiencing similar issues.

Unable To See Comments On YouTube

YouTube Comments Not Showing


What to do if the comments aren’t showing up on YouTube?

Ensure that comments are turned on. Click your user account symbol in the top-right corner, then choose YouTube Studio. To verify if Hold all comments for review or Disable comments is chosen, go to Settings > Community > Defaults. If yes, choose to Allow all comments or Hold potentially offensive comments for review. Once you’re done, save your changes.

Some of your videos may have been automatically flagged by YouTube as “for kids,” which bans comments in accordance with COPPA regulations. Select Content in your YouTube Studio after opening it, picking a video, and selecting Details. Make sure you scroll down to Audience. Yes, it is made.

One of the biggest and most well-known social networking and video-sharing websites is YouTube, which enables users to watch videos and share amusing or educational content.

However, occasionally you might not be able to read the comments section if you like a video and want to leave a comment in appreciation.

For users, the comment area is also an essential component of the YouTube platform. Occasionally, being unable to access the comments in the comment section can be very unpleasant.

Therefore, we have listed several solutions in this article to fix the Error – “YouTube comments not loading,” which you will undoubtedly be able to do.


Fixes For YouTube Comments That Won’t Load

You may repair YouTube comments not showing problems in various methods, some of which are covered here.

  1. Look online

The first thing you should do if you get an internet problem is to check your internet connection. Three different levels of testing must be carried out to evaluate the internet connection.

  • Serving Test

The server is in charge of sending and receiving queries and managing the local DNS directory, although occasionally, the server may experience technical difficulties or become overwhelmed. You can ask about it by contacting the server’s technicians.

  • Test of Line

If you’ve checked the server end and no problems have been discovered, there’s a potential problem with the medium connecting the two ends, which could be routers or wires. To verify the cables, hold the wires from the receiver end and follow them up to the sender. You may also conduct a scan to see if all the routers are operational.

  • Internet connection

It’s possible that your broadband service is having problems if you’re using a broadband connection. As a result, you need to contact the local technician team and ask them about it.

Use the three procedures mentioned above to fix the internet connection problem and ensure your internet is operating normally.

  1. Reload the page

A website or web page is loaded in a relatively straightforward manner. Data packets are then released from the server when a request has been submitted from the user’s machine. However, there are occasions when visitors cannot access the entire website at once due to server problems and a weak connection.

You must reload your webpage to fix the problem because doing so will reload all the data packets. A button beside your URL block in some browsers enables you to perform the same action.

  1. Update your browser

The browsers improve their services through routine bug discoveries and upgrades, therefore, if your browser displays abnormalities, it is a warning sign, and you should.

Is the cache in your browser damaged? It is conceivable, and that could be preventing comments from fully loading. If you have made it this far and YouTube is still not loading correctly, it might be time to erase your browser’s cache and cookies. The drawback of this step is that it will delete any saved login information, necessitating a new sign-in for each website. Additionally, because their pages are not cached on your computer, many websites may load more slowly in the short term. Clearing the cache in your browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, can help with various issues.

Browser extensions are fantastic because they let you add many features and functionalities to your browser. However, some plugins may interfere with YouTube’s comments feature. Disable all of your extensions to verify if YouTube comments are functioning properly. If they do, you can re-enable each extension individually until you identify the one that interferes. Although the procedure is identical in other browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge, here is how to disable extensions on Chrome.

Restarting the machine completes the list of simple troubleshooting techniques. You can either use a different web browser or close the one you’re using to access YouTube and then restart it (switching, for example, from Chrome to Firefox). Close the app on your mobile device and restart it if you use one. Here are the instructions for closing apps on iOS and Android. Alternately, choose the “nuclear” option and restart the whole thing. How to restart an iPhone is shown here. You can turn off many Android devices by holding down the power button for a few seconds or by dragging the control centre down from the top of the screen and selecting the power icon.