Can You Replace YouTube Videos Without Losing Views?

Video replacement is a thing that many YouTube video creators want. Still, it could not do so if you feel something is wrong, and the video ended quality or information that could be improved. For that, it would be better to keep it followed with a new video in place of the old video. Sometimes you want to update the information in your video with new elements but don’t want the views to be lost. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow you to replace videos; you can delete them or leave them on Vimeo. Now, if this is just if you have an approved account which is only like 40 bucks a year, you can replace a video, unfortunately. YouTube does not have the option, so if you have a video that is old and it has 11000 likes, the reason you would like to replace it is that you need to put music in the background or some other things. You need the updated version of those videos. But at the same time, you also do not want to lose the stats of 11000 views on people who have linked to it or embedded it in Pinterest.


Replacing your YouTube videos

Let’s say you don’t want to see a little crunchy face saying this video has been deleted. So now you will know what to do with such videos. Once you are sure they were not going through any traffic, you will delete it. So there is a way to make your version of replacing a video.

If you are a YouTube content creator, you will run into a situation where you upload a video. Then you realize that you made some mistakes in video editing, or maybe there was something that you said that was incorrect, or maybe you don’t like the video that you uploaded. So, in that case, how would you replace already uploaded videos? Well, the short answer is you can because YouTube doesn’t currently provide you with a way to replace videos that are already uploaded.

Edit Uploaded YT Videos Without Losing Views

Replace YouTube Videos Without Losing Views


So what most creators have to do if they are going to have to create a brand and you with all the changes that they want and then upload that to YouTube; now the wrong part with that is that they don’t retain all the views and engagement that they had on the original video.

  • Making edits in your previous uploaded videos

This a sad reality for anybody wanting to replace their existing videos without using them. However, editing YouTube without losing any of your views is an engagement for a severe cause. But check out the premium tool on various websites; show how you do that: go to your YouTube Studio, the video section, and then find a particular video you want to update and go down there to see details. In your details section, there is an editor option; once you choose that, you will be taken to the YouTube video editor.

Now, this is fundamental, and you would return about the only thing that allows you to stream or cut your clips so you can do it on the video. You could do this in audio, and you can also add additional audio, and you can also make some changes to your video and breaks and screen elements, and add some simple blur effects.

  • Posting a fresh video¬†

So let’s go ahead and add a trim right there; then you will come there on the screen and choose split, and then you can extend the split or shorten it whenever you want. You could preview this as well, and now, when you watch a video, it escapes over the part that you already trimmed, and if you are satisfied with this change, you can save it. It will take a few hours to get these changes to appear on your video. The great thing is you don’t use any of the Views or engagement that you have already gotten on that particular video. Still, the bad part is this is super basic, and if you needed to do anything more than this, you would have to upload a brand-new video and start all over.

You can do other things if you want; you can add more information and annotation without needing to replace you can change the title of a filtered video if required. The other is you can add an old video and replace it with a new video. You will use the account if it is old; if it is new, then no problem, or you can link the old video to new videos using the notations description on changing the title song to the old video.


How to make changes to your old videos?

You can add the updated video link in the description and show a new video link using a notation that starts at the beginning of the video; remember, if your updated video is better, it will likely gain more views quickly. You can show updates on the new video links using add card button; that is all that take a stake. You can also blur your video, add and screen, and edit your video by clicking on the end of the audio and clicking on three dots. You can remove and change audio as well; then you need to go and save your changes, and all the changes you made will be represented in your video. Such changes can be easily made to your previously uploaded YouTube videos.


Summing up

YouTube did not allow video replacement and the exact URL. It is probably on the assumption of misuse of the feature, possibly reloading a poor quality or different topic videos with older high view count, which is not working to ensure better call to videos uploaded with genuine views. That’s why one needs to be very precise while uploading any video. However, some minor changes can be made to your previously uploaded video. Still, at the same time, one must be very careful while uploading any video and focus on each of the things very precisely.