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How To Update YouTube Videos Without Losing Views?

There are instances when you submit a YouTube video, get a few views, and then realize you’ve made a colossal error. You will lose the pictures on your YouTube post if you solve the problem on your computer and submit a fresh video.

But do we have to? Fortunately, you may fix simple video issues directly on the video hosting service.


Here’s how to correct common video issues without depleting your watch count.

Removing errors from YouTube videos

In particular, if the video already has views, YouTube doesn’t want artists to make significant changes to already-uploaded videos. This is because replacing a current video with a new one while retaining its attributes may deceive viewers and YouTube’s algorithm.

The platform is aware that artists occasionally make innocent mistakes or that someone in the uploaded video may ask for their removal. As a result, artists can remove portions of their video without resetting the video’s metrics.

YouTube Post-Upload Editing Restrictions

All other effects have restrictions, whereas you can always add blur effects to your videos. You can no longer preserve updates to your videos once they have surpassed 100,000 views. However, if you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program, this restriction does not apply to you.

Make changes without reducing your YouTube views.

YouTube Studio is a valuable tool for managing your videos, playlists, and more. Analytics even allows you to monitor your channel’s and individual videos’ success.

The YouTube Editor is a somewhat rudimentary tool compared to other video editing applications, but for many artists, the option to tweak their videos after uploading is a lifesaver.

Modify YT Videos Without Losing Views

Update YouTube Videos Without Losing Views


Can I change my YouTube video and maintain my viewership?

You might remove any video that you’ve posted to your youtube channel. You can alter an existing video but not replace it because any new video upload will receive a unique URL.

  • Deleting videos

Any videos that you have submitted can be deleted from your Google Account. A removed video is lost forever; it cannot be recovered using YouTube. Make a backup of the video if you intend to watch it in the future.

  1. Open YouTube Studio and log in.
  2. Select Content from the left menu.
  3. Choose More, followed by Delete forever, and then point to the video you want to remove.
  4. To accept the permanent deletion of your video, check the box.

When you decide to remove a video from your YouTube channel, we get to work on removing it immediately, and YouTube will no longer be able to find it. Data related to the video, such as Watch time, will continue to be included in comprehensive reports but won’t be linked to the deleted video. Learn the bulk deletion of videos.

  • Replace a video

Because every new video you publish to YouTube will have a unique URL, you cannot replace a video. You can alter an existing video instead:

  1. Trim your video
  2. You can remove your video’s start, middle, or end using a computer.
  3. Enhance your movie with cards: You can use cards to include new components in your video. Cards may also display other information.
  4. Change the title and description of your video: Your video’s title, genre, description, and privacy settings can all be arranged and modified.


How to edit a YouTube video without losing the link or statistics?

Have you ever discovered a mistake in a YouTube video after it has already been posted and shared on social media by you and others? If you’ve ever been in this predicament, your initial instinct may be to panic and believe that you must correct the issue, delete the uploaded video, and submit a new one.

However, as a result of this procedure, any embeds of your introductory video will no longer work, as viewers will send the following image.

Remember that you will also lose all of the statistics and remarks related to the removed video.

Beyond the fundamentals of creating unique video thumbnails, the YouTube editor gives many beneficial options for editing the video itself. Here are some adjustments and fixes you may make to a YouTube video that has already been uploaded without losing your link or statistics.

  • Trim a video.

You might sometimes wish to remove some of your film’s beginning, middle, or end. This feature is handy for those who live stream and want to cut off excess dead space. Trim your video instead of re-uploading a new one, as you can lose comments, the original URL, and the number of views.

  • Make audio edits.

It’s simple to alter the audio or song file in your YouTube video. The more than 150,000 free audio tracks available on your YouTube channel can easily be replaced or added to your video.

The following are a few causes you might want to replace or include audio:

  1. You might wish to add some music to the backdrop when streaming an event live.
  2. Your song has been removed from YouTube because it is illegal under copyright laws.
  3. Your video has a content ID claim added to it.

You may save your metrics and links by trimming your YouTube video and changing the audio, among other things.