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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 100 Views?

A new YouTuber yourself? Keep reading this page to learn how YouTube pays for 100 views because I’ll give you all the details about it. Let’s begin, then.

Everyone aspires to be a YouTuber these days, as you are all aware, because you may make a lot of money here while merely sitting at home. Because it is the original and most effective online income platform.

However, in such a scenario, most new YouTubers desire to use Google AdSense to monetize their channel. Or are you going to apply for him? He keeps asking himself how much rupees YouTube pays for 100 views.

Category USD Indian Rupee
Music 0.07 5.09
Gaming 0.08 5.81
Sports 0.09 6.54
Comedy 0.09 6.64
Education 0.08 5.81
People & Blogs 0.07 5.09
Entertainment 0.10 7.27
Howto & Style 0.10 7.27
Film & Animation 0.11 8.00
Science & Technology 0.15 10.90

The accompanying chart shows estimated earnings when a YouTube video receives 100 views. This money may go down or up depending on factors like time, ads, clicks, CPC, RPM, and your video. We have made this money by researching online and using the estimated numbers.


What does a YouTuber earn for each view?

To be clear, you are not paid for seeing videos; instead, you are compensated for the number of times commercials are viewed.

But what conditions must be met for a video to contain advertisements? Good news: There have been millions of previous inquiries like this. For no other reason than the presence of adverts on your videos, your channel qualifies for YouTube channel monetization.

Most new YouTubers’ ultimate goal is to join the YouTube Partner Program. But to do so, your channel must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 1000 subscribers are required.
  • In addition, all of your videos must have received a combined 4000 public watch hours.
  • Lastly, you must have a connected AdSense account.

Google distributes 68% of the proceeds from ad sales (other sources suggest 60% or even 55%). This means that for every $100 an advertiser pays to Google, Youtube will pay you $68. A view costs around 18 cents because an advertiser usually pays between 10 and 30 cents for each ad.

Theoretically, you can open an AdSense account as soon as your channel launches. But in practice, you won’t be able to earn any real money until your channel has gained a respectable volume of viewers.

Even then, you have to wait until your balance hits $100 before you can make a withdrawal. A short version of a long story, it is impossible to say how much money YouTube makes from each view. However, to provide an estimate, it is roughly $5 for every 1000 views.

100 Views YT Income

Earnings From 100 YT Views


Payment Method for YouTube

Your bank account will receive a direct payout from YouTube. You must reach a minimum of $100 before you can start receiving money from YouTube advertising. Once you meet the minimum level, YouTube will process your earned amount for payment.

You will get a mail when you apply for an Adsense account. Google sends a code by letter to verify that you are a real user. Your account will be validated once you enter the code into your Adsense account, and you can then begin making money from advertisements.

You cannot add your payment information until you have spent at least $100. You can input your bank information once you reach the $100 level.

Every time a payment is processed, Google Adsense notifies the user.


Salary of an Average YouTuber

On average, YouTube’s income for 1 lakh subscribers in India is approximately between INR 198,400 to INR 330,770 ($3000 to $5000).

You may determine how much money you can make with 1 million views. Your monthly earnings will increase proportionally to the approximate earning amount if your view count is consistently growing.

The best right now, in my opinion, is 1 million views on a channel, which can bring in $7500 to $18,000 per month. According to how many original ideas you come up with, YouTube will award you.

It makes no difference who you are. What you show to your audience is all that matters. If people enjoy your film, your monthly earnings will increase.



How many YouTube subscribers are required to earn $100?

Your channel must have 4,000 view hours and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. Then, when you start to monetize, you will earn approximately 0.04 cents for each view on your video, so before you can make $100, your video needs to receive at least 25,000 views.


How much do you make from YouTube video advertisements?

According to these projections, you can anticipate making roughly $18 for every 1,000 ad views or $3 to $5 for every 1,000 video views. However, you can only obtain that much money if at least 15% of your viewers watch the advertisement long enough for you to get paid. The actual proportion is frequently significantly lower.


How many views are necessary to earn $100 each day?

Let’s say the cost per 1,000 is only $3, which means you would need roughly 230000 views daily to earn $100. On the other hand, if your film is viewed in wealthy nations like the USA and the UK, you can easily make $100 for just 10,000 views.


How significant are YouTube views?

First of all, opinions are not crucial. The quantity of views does not determine whether a video or channel is given the utmost attention on YouTube. Everything depends on the content and how beneficial it is to the viewers, who are drawn to a video based on the keywords selected for that particular video.



We can infer that your YouTube income is not determined by your videos’ total number of views. Nevertheless, depending on several variables, such as the clickthrough rate and the duration of ad viewing, we can calculate how much YouTube pays for 100 views.

However, for new YouTube content producers, getting their channel approved for monetization is crucial if they want to make any money from ads.