Youtube Views

Why Did My YouTube Views Decrease?

YouTube is a very admired social media platform designed for uploading and sharing YouTube videos. It’s beneficial for business purposes. YouTube is a fruitful platform for sharing valuable information. Just like google, you can get anything from YouTube. Earning money from YouTube is as easy as pie as uploading entertaining content, gathering millions of views, and making a portion of the advertisement income.

If on your own, you observe your view counts for videos on a YouTube channel, you might anticipate them to be steady. However, it doesn’t seem that the number should ever decrease because of opposing views. In addition, by keeping an eye on a video for a couple of weeks, you can see frequent view counts go up and down.


What are the causes of these frequent changes in view count? 

The primary and foremost reason behind this activity is quality control actions taken by Google and YouTube. YouTube used to suspend view counts to control an audit of a video that captured up to 300 views. They have transformed that method by auditing a video instantly as it begins collecting pictures. YouTube usually cancels view counts to manage an audit of a video that has captured over 300 views. This is done to ensure that bots are not generating counterfeit views to increase a video’s view count. By deferring view counts during uninterrupted audits of a video, there may be variations in ideas that bring out the rate of videos to be slower on the platform. The view counter on YouTube videos is an approximate and precise outlook of video views that can only be seen on the uploader’s YouTube data analytics page. As per the changed YouTube auditing policy, YouTube starts auditing on the spot as views start flowing in.


Dropping YT Views

                                       Reducing YT Views Count


What are the reasons for the decrease in YouTube views?

  1. Viewing videos for less than ten seconds –  To conduct a fair and smooth audit, views from videos of fewer than 10 seconds are removed. Usually, many views come from people who view videos for less than 10 seconds. This may result in false accounts from false opinions that try to increase their views to earn money.
  2. Viewers with the same IP address – Generally, it’s common to watch the same video on YouTube multiple times. However, it may turn doubtful when the views repeatedly come from the same IP address. To be safe, the uprightness of view counts; they are removed. This may result in YouTube views declining.
  3. Viewers who use an old version of Internet Explorer – There may exist people using an old version of Internet explorer. But it again raises a red flag if many use the old version to watch the videos, leading to an increase in view counts. This may result in a false course of conduct.
  4. Viewers with the same URL – Usually, it’s normal to use a link to watch a YouTube video. However, when many views come from the same URL, it may raise concerns about fake viewers and paid unethical services.


How does YouTube calculate the views?

YouTube wants to ensure that all the views from the viewers are actual and ethical. YouTube follows two benchmarks while counting pictures views are:

  • The viewer must deliberately play the video.
  • The viewer must spend a minimum of 30 seconds on the videos
  • The total view time must be 30 seconds, even if you skip the video.


Do High Views Lead to High Earning?

No, high views do not indeed lead to increased profits from advertising. This is because elevated earnings depend on approximated viewers and location, as videos have a different cost per 10 views, known as the cost per mile (CPM) rate. Earning also depends on the advertisement. If a lesser number of viewers skip the ads, then that video earns more.


How to increase the view count?

With a fair and ethical way, you can increase the view count in numerous ways.

  • Your content – To increase view count, creating content targeting your ideal customer is essential. So, create attractive and eye-catching content to increase view counts.
  • Design Playlist – Catch the attention of the watchers by creating a playlist. It’s the best approach to play videos back-to-back. The playlist also makes watching effortless and thus increases view counts.
  • End screens and Cards – End screens and cards are the best tools to increase your view counts and promote the other videos. With the help of Card tools, alternate videos can pop up at any moment in the video. An end screen is a tool that makes it easiest to know upcoming actions.
  • Motivate viewers to subscribe – YouTube is about encouraging the viewers to like, share and subscribe. As acquiring the subscription will increase the view counts. Remember to remind them about hitting the notification bell after they subscribe.
  • Add WatermarkWatermark – WatermarkWatermark is an image that is visible on your videos. It gives you the advantage of gaining subscribers and increasing the view counts by promoting your YouTube channel.