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How To View YouTube Video Tags?

What are YouTube Tags?

These are invisible “meta” tags associated with videos. It is what Tag Extractor extracts from their hashtags. These are visible tags that appear above the video title. Learn more about YouTube hashtags here. When a video is uploaded to YouTube, tags are added to the Video. Unlike HashTags, it is not preceded by a hash sign (#) and can contain spaces that span multiple word strings. The best practice is to use only lowercase tags for alphanumeric characters.

See Tags on YouTube Videos

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Why are YouTube tags important?

Now the YouTube tag extractor works like a charm on YouTube’s public videos, maintaining the tag order set by the Video’s author while keeping it visible. It turns out that there is no meta to extract his tags.

But why is it important? You’re probably reading this page because you’re interested in the overall topic of video SEO. From YouTube itself, we can see that many signals (title, description, hashtags, thumbnails, tags, video quality, etc.) influence the overall ranking of the search results page.

We encourage you to get the basics right and use YouTube’s features to categorize and make sense of your videos. The jury may be debating how much-hidden meta tags affect the ranking in search results. Still, it’s always a good idea to go in the direction of optimization and use all of YouTube’s features together. It Is recommended. The more YouTube understands what your Video is about, the more likely it will appear higher in YouTube search results.


YouTube Tagging Strategy

There are several strategic considerations when extracting tags from competitor videos. There are two possible scenarios when using this tool to extract tags from YouTube videos:

  1. The Video is not tagged: This is quite common as the Tags field is hidden behind the “More” text link at the bottom of the video details page in YouTube Studio.  So unless your competitor is YouTube-savvy, they may skip and upload videos without tags. It is a good score because any tags you add to your videos are good. Consider the language your competitors use in their video titles and descriptions and if they use hashtags in their video descriptions.
  2.  Video contains tags: Look for surprises or anomalies in the tags and the order of those tags.
  3. The order of these tags gives a great clue as to how they feel about the keyword. For your direct competitors, we recommend using similarly broad tags to stay competitive, but use a few unique tags to ensure that you have a potential competitive advantage. Capturing niche searches is also a good idea.
  4. The great thing about tags is that you can edit them even after you’ve published your Video. So if you think your Video might get better search results, or if your competitors are doing better than you for some keywords, edit your tags accordingly. Please look.

The YouTube description just above the tag entry field is a final consideration when considering tags. Because these tags are hidden on the page, they do not cover common misspellings of your brand, product, or service, including other usages such as slang or other “internet” language used by your organization.

People online often omit abbreviations or use informal terms. Therefore, depending on your Video, it may be beneficial to include some of these terms in the Tags field.

YouTube video tags are keywords that the platform can use to identify your content and help viewers easily understand your Video. Do you see YouTube tags? What does the YouTube tag look like? This content will answer these questions.

Choosing tags for your videos can be challenging as a YouTube content creator. Can I see what YouTube tags other creators have used for inspiration? How do YouTube tags appear? YouTube doesn’t publish video tags, but there are effective ways.


How to View YouTube Tags Using a Web Browser?

It is a manual method that does not involve third-party apps or online tools. To find out how to view tags for YouTube videos, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the video playback page.

Go to your web browser and launch YouTube. Go to this page to find a video to watch on YouTube, or click directly on the Video’s URL to go to the watch page.

Step 2. Right-click on the page to view the page source.

If you’re on the playback page of a video where you want to see the tags, you’ll need to go to the page’s source code. To do this, right-click on the page and select the View Page Source option.

Step 3. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to determine keywords

Click on the View Page Source option, and you will be redirected to the page with the line of code.

No need to scroll through this code to find what you are looking for. Just press Ctrl + F on Keywords and type “keywords” in the search box that pops up.

Step 4. View the tags used in the Video

Type “keywords” into the search bar, and the “keywords” section of the code will appear. Here you can see the tags used by the YouTube video creator.


How to view YouTube tags in third-party apps?

You can also view YouTube video tags on Android devices. This method uses a third-party app called Tag. So, you need to download this app on your Android device. Follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Tag app on your Android device.
  • Open a YouTube video in your device’s browser and copy the URL of the YouTube video whose tags you want to see used.
  • Open the Tag application on your mobile device.
  • On the app’s page, select Get Tag from the URL.
  • Displays the tags for this Video.