Youtube Views

Why Are My Views Decreasing On YouTube?

Every viewer comes to YouTube for some specific reason, and certain things are more attractive to them to click on because of things that are seasonally going on, whether it’s a holiday, something big in the news, or ultimately anything that any prominent personality does. And at the end of the day, you know, if you’re a content creator that is writing the trends and you’re getting more views, well, you’ll have apps and flows in that trend because there’s going to be more interest at certain times and when there is a decline, and you see the decline in interest. Well, there goes the views.


Now a little tip here, and this is something that all content creators do is you need to go into analytics, and you need to be able to look at those trends, and you can see that now. You can also consider going to the advanced mode and look at how the views go over here, and you can start to define your trends; you can compare to other years or your trends, and where you’re at, it can almost anticipate when you’re going to be on a flow.

Low CTRs

If you have a low CTR, what did that CTR click or right? When YouTube uploads a video and releases it, it goes to the browse feature, the homepage, or the subscription feed. It’s looking for some indicators of how many people see it that click on it. So if it’s a meager percentage, they don’t click on it.YouTube will not suggest it to more people, so you will lose those super valuable impressions. Also, one thing you look at CTR is realizing when people are watching your video if the video they’re seeing on the side of the desktop or below it could be your video. If it’s a terrible title and thumbnail, it doesn’t engage, and the CTR will be low; well, guess what? They’re going to skip right over that, and that’s where YouTube will see that signal say, hey, there’s necessarily going to be a good video.


 Number the next is a big one saying that when somebody clicks on the video, anyone has finished the video, you have a very low average reiteration or average percent views. When that’s low, ultimately, you’re not going to see a lot of momentum because, basically, what happens is when you have an excellent video, YouTube’s going to serve it out more. When it serves it out, more videos pop up on the side that suggests your word videos, and people want to click that, and then basically you have this moment of going, so if you have one video, this is taking off.

What does YouTube have to do and has to suggest those videos because they found a suitable viewer, and so if your videos are underperforming, it’s never going to be suggested out there, and that is something that you need to look at?


How to improve your view count?

 There are several ways to improve that, and the ones you can improve are looking and analyzing how your videos are performing and seeing these drop-off moments. You might see peaks here and values there; you need to analyze and improve the way you edit.

You can add things you’ve seen in the video, like some clips and stuff like that, as you can search that library to find the right clip, and you can limit royalty-free downloads with each subscription plan to spice up that video using.

Reasons for Views Dropping on YouTube

Views Decreasing On YouTube

Shifted content 

Many content creators like to test new content, or their audience shifts in what they like, and many keep putting the same type of videos repeatedly. As a result, It gets exhausting for the creator and the viewer.

When that happens, or they want to test out new content, they don’t look at their analytics, so they have no idea how to see the views going down when they play YouTube. It is advised to decide on shifted content wisely so your views should not decrease on your YouTube videos.

It’s super powerful in helping you navigate your video content and understand YouTube a little bit better.

The shift in Traffic and its sources

The shift in Traffic and traffic sources we discussed is viewer behavior, trending, and so on. Let’s break it down from YouTube traffic sources and have this whole little algorithm. It features your videos; you see some traffic when people watch those videos. So usually, when you release a video, you see the browse features, which are subscription and homepage; you know, after 48 hours, it goes into suggested videos across all of YouTube.

YouTube’s going to put it in another area, and guess what? Sometimes you will see a huge dip and views; this is probably one of the most common that you will see with people that seem to get a lot of video views. They don’t know precisely where their Traffic is coming from, and there is a discrepancy in what they think is happening. And so they blame you too when ultimately it is a shift, but it’s a shift in the viewing pattern and the behavior of the viewers, which takes us back to number one, which is seasonal trends and so on.


The power test

It would help if you didn’t focus on trending but on your videos and make it so that people want to click them, and not only when they want to click them, they want to finish them. Higher percentages will give you more impressions; more impressions will get you more views and subscribers, and guess the secret? And there is a lot you need to optimize your videos to get more views and understand that traffic source.