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How To Change YouTube Views From Lakhs To Millions?

Google recently changed YouTube views in India and the international counting method to the Indian counting method. So you’re looking at hundreds of thousands and millions, not millions and billions. Further, we discuss the best ways to change YouTube views from Lakhs to Millions.

This change makes the app more unfamiliar than familiar and should be reverted to counting in the millions. YouTube uses your phone’s language settings to toggle YouTube’s view counter, so switching back is very easy.

Switching settings to US English resets YouTube views to millions and billions. Works on tablets. If you can’t find the article in the right place, search.

  • On your Android smartphone, open the Settings menu and go to System.
  • Select the Language & Input option and tap Language.
  • You can see all the languages ​​you selected to use on your smartphone.
  • Tap Add Language to see a list of different languages. Select the English (United States) option.
  • After selecting, please set this language as default and restart your smartphone.
  • After restarting your phone, go to the YouTube app to see the changes made.


How to modify YouTube View Count on Android?

For Android Phones and Tablets (Samsung, OnePlus, Mi, Asus, Huawei, etc.)

it would be best if you changed the phone’s language to get it back to millions. Let’s understand it with an example. YouTube recently introduced support for local numbering systems (tens of millions of rupees) in India. For instance, her Indian YouTuber (India), who left her system language in English, woke up to hundreds of thousands of views.

To switch to Million, you must change the system language to English (UK) or English (US).

YouTube recently changed the number of likes and views from millions to billions. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t offer a way to disable this. But as usual, a small workaround can fix the problem.

Open YouTube and click your profile picture to enter the menu. Click here for your language. The default is English (India). You can change the option to English (United States). Also, the page will automatically reload to show millions of views.

Change YouTube Views From Lakhs To Millions

Change YT Views From Lakhs To Millions

For Android and iOS

Unfortunately, changing the language option in the app is impossible, but you can change the language in the Android or iOS system settings. Unlike desktop, where you have to manually change the language for every YouTube account, changing the language on your device works instantly for every YouTube account. But it also affects all other apps that choose the device’s language as default. Luckily, Gboard works regardless of your device’s language, so you can still use English (India) for input.


Let’s start with Android.


To change the language on Android, open System Preferences > General Management > Language & Input > Language and set it to English (United States). It affects all apps, including YouTube.


To change your language settings on iOS, open Settings > General > Language & Region. Tap iPhone Language, select English (United States) or English (United Kingdom), and save your changes. This change applies immediately to all apps, including YouTube.

Here are the steps :

Step 1: Open Settings on your Mobile phone and navigate to System or General Management or Additional Settings, depending on the options available on your phone.

Step 2: Tap Languages ​​and Input, then Languages.

Step 3: You can see which languages ​​are enabled on your device. The first one is taken as default and used for all apps.

Step 4: Restart the phone. Open YouTube. A new view count system appears.

YouTube recently changed the number of likes and views from millions to billions. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t offer a way to disable this. But as usual, a small workaround can fix the problem.

Mobile Web Browser

Changing the language in the system settings does the job, but it changes the YouTube settings and any apps you install. So you can open YouTube in your browser and change the language. Anyway, this method doesn’t work on all the phones we tested. If you don’t want to change the wording of all installed apps, give it a try.

The operation is slightly different from the desktop. Click your profile picture, then click Settings. Expand your account section to see the language options to change. Set the language from English (India) to English (US), and you are good to go.


What are the views on YouTube?

Every time a viewer intentionally starts playing a video on their device and watches it for more than 30 seconds, it is counted as a view. Pretty easy!

Playing your video counts as a view.

If a viewer views a video multiple times, each view is counted as a new view. (However, if you try to play the System and refresh it repeatedly, it will be recognized by YouTube.) Views that occur on embedded YouTube videos or YouTube videos shared on Facebook are also counted.

To increase views on YouTube videos, you can buy YouTube views package.

Basic YouTube administration includes:

  • Complete and informative About Us section. Up-to-date contact information (so that all potential clients and future Brand Partners can get in touch)
  •  Suppose you want your video to rank high in YouTube’s results list when your ideal audience selects keywords of their choice. In other words, you need to know what your audience is looking for tutorials, inspiration, entertainment, etc.
  • Ranking in search results is the best way to get your video seen by new people, not just subscribers and people who are already interested in your channel. More on that later).


How can you improve your video’s search ranking on YouTube?

Research. Using a tool like Google Keyword Planner (note that you’ll need to set up a Google Ads account), you’ll need to do two things:

Use these related keywords in metadata (i.e., video title, tags, video descriptions, subtitles, etc.)


Pro Tip: If you don’t already understand how YouTube’s algorithm works, now is the time to do so. This Artificial Intelligence determines not only search results but also the all-important “What’s Next” sidebar recommendations, which include recommended videos.