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Which is the Highest Viewed Video on YouTube in India?

Highest Viewed Video on YouTube in India

When it comes to YouTube, Indians are highly fascinated by spending their leisure time on the YouTube platform and viewing videos according to their interest. It is an ultimate source of pleasure worldwide, providing its users with an endless number of videos in various categories every day for absolutely free of cost.

Whether your interest is in gaming, music cooking, comedy, or any other YouTube fulfils the interest of everyone and provides its users with an opportunity to showcase their channel by uploading their content and viewing, sharing, and learning from various videos as well.

Also, it has proven to be an ultimate source of income for many people. You can earn a good amount of money by uploading videos and making your channel popular among the audience.


Which Videos Are Highly Viewed By People On Youtube In India?

There is a long queue of the most viewed YouTube videos out of which here’s a list of few most watched videos across India which are evergreen and has been even currently watched by many people with a daily elevation of viewers increasing in billions with every successive day.

  1. Phonics song with Two Words- Videos with phonic songs uploaded by Chu Chu TV in the English language has approximately more than 4322.01 million views since uploaded on 7 March 2014, it is one of the most popularly viewed videos by Indians on YouTube.
  1. Shri Hanuman Chalisa- This Hindu bhajan which has been Sanged by Gulshan Kumar and Hariharan through T-series has been uploaded by Bhakti Sagar YouTube channel in the year 2011 in Hindi and Sanskrit languages basically and has reached its views elevation up to 2089.3 million and has been increasing since the day it has been first uploaded.
  1. Lakdi ki Kathi- It is a musical rhyme video published by Jingle Toons in the I language in the year 2018 on 13th June and has had more than 2768.46 Million viewers since then.
  1. Yalgaar (song)- This music video is one of the fastest-growing videos on YouTube by one of the most popular Indian YouTubers Carry Minati and has crossed 63 million views in just 4 days and has been listed in the top 10 most YouTube liked videos in India with 15,607,973+ likes.
  1. Lut Gaye (Jubin Nautyal)- Emraan Hashmi’s musical video song Lut Gaye has been noted to be the most-watched YouTube video in India in the year 2021. This song has been changed by Jubin Nautyal and in the video, Imran Hashmi plays the role of a Mumbai cop along with Yukti Thareja as a bride.
  1. Minecraft and related content- It is one of the fastest-growing games which has been consequently viewed by the majority of people. Also, YouTube has recently celebrated the completion of 1 trillion views of Minecraft on YouTube by replacing the YouTube logo with an animated Minecraft style that reads one trillion and also has created a featured YouTube page for Minecraft content creators and counting milestones ahead.
  1. The Land of Bigg Boss-¬† when we talk about the comedy genre The Land of Bigg Boss Video posted by Carryminati, one of the top-ranked Indian YouTube’s, has been popularly watched by Indian viewers and has also ranked among the trending in the comedy category.
  1. Rowdy Baby- This video has been uploaded by Maari 2 via Wunderbar studios by a Tamil YouTuber has reached more than 1282.81 million views and was first uploaded on 2nd January 2019.
  1. Johny Johny yes papa- It is one of the most famous English rhymes uploaded by ChuChu TV in the year 2014 on 14th November and has crossed 1854.58 million views since then and has been continuously liked and popular among many viewers.
  1. Zombie: The living Dead- This short movie which spans up to 40 minutes particularly in the horror-comedy genre has been created by round2hell and has successfully secured in YouTube top ten most-watched videos in India with millions of views.

The popularity of videos with increasing numbers of viewers does not stop here, it’s much more than this. There are many more YouTube videos that have been continuously earning millions of views and are constantly viewed by people every day.


Who Are The Top Content Creators On Youtube In India?

Indian youtubers have undoubtedly made a mark for themselves in becoming no less than a celebrity by providing amazing content and becoming YouTube superstars.

Here’s a list of a few top rankers youtubers in India-

  • Carry Minati
  • Total Gaming
  • Ashish Chanchlani¬†
  • Emiway Bantai
  • BB ki vines
  • Round2Hell
  • Nisha Madhulika
  • Amit Bhadana

All of the above youtubers have created a mark in different genres and have successfully secured a special place in the hearts of its viewers.

Despite these YouTubers, there are many more growing YouTube channels with an increasing number of subscribers and viewers. Indians really have abundant talent which has been continuously shared among the public. Also, people are adapting to various trending content posted by various content creators. There’s a great increasing addiction among people all over the world towards YouTube and now it has become an essential part of everyday life.

Whenever we are in any trouble or in search of any information, YouTube is the first and the foremost thing which clicks to anyone’s mind. And in just fractions of a second, we can very easily get to know about any information regarding any product or anything we are looking for.


How Did A Youtube Video Become Popular?

There are no such tips and tricks of a particular video, a content creator just has to ensure that the video uploaded by him/her must be unique, credible and different from others. The content should be appealing to a mass audience in a way that is very easily understood by the general public.

Videos with high quality, editing, graphics, sounds and effects are more appealing to people. Also keeping up to date and providing content on a regular basis to the audience is a basic step towards the growth of any channel.

Just making the video interesting with content that easily catches people’s eye is the key reason behind videos getting millions of views overnight.