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How To Increase YouTube Views By Yourself?

How To Increase Youtube Views By Yourself


We will help you with advanced techniques to increase YouTube views by Yourself organically. Although it is a very tough task, this is the reason people rely on other sources also to advertise their channel and grab more views naturally. These sources help you a lot, but you have to put your efforts into getting amazing results. YouTube works on an algorithm that ranks videos based on certain factors. It would help if you worked on your SEO techniques to come under top video results.


What Are The Top 10 Tips for Increase YouTube Views By Yourself?

  • Quality content: First and foremost, the thing that will help you achieve success on YouTube is good quality content. Do not copy anyone’s content and try to provide information that is not already there. Also, use your style to represent your thoughts. Be interactive with the viewers and ask them to suggest topics for the video. So, the first thing that comes on the SEO checklist is content marketing.
  • Make playlists: Many YouTubers create a playlist to organize their videos. Creating a playlist is when a viewer clicks on an embedded video in the playlist, then the next video plays automatically. This will increase the views on several videos. So, organizing your videos in a playlist can add great revenue and involve greater audience engagement. To organize the videos in the playlist, you can make a series of videos on a topic rather than individual videos. Combining relevant videos in a series will grab viewers’ attention and increase YouTube views count.
  • YouTube SEO: YouTube’s algorithm keeps changing to rank the videos unbiasedly. However, there are some SEO techniques that you can follow to get more views on YouTube organically. Firstly, use relevant and correct keywords in the title and description of the video. The target keywords help a lot to rank higher. After adding keywords in the title and description, you need to add video tags. These tags are invisible to the users, but YouTube uses these tags to categorize your videos.
  • Link with other content creators: Another way to get popular on YouTube is to collaborate with famous content creators. You should create a healthy relationship with the competitor and grab their viewer’s attention. If they like your video content, they might end up subscribing to your channel.
  • Use cards and end screen in the video: Watch time indicates the user engagement and thus affects your ranking. If your videos are highly engaging, using cards and end screens can also attract views on your other videos. A YouTube card is the notification that appears in the top right corner and redirects the person to your related video. It is an easy way to promote your other videos. Also, you can use end screens that promote the 2 to 3 videos of your choice.
  • Write a blog post: Blogging is a great way for content marketing and attracts more YouTube views and subscribers. However, this requires more time and effort, but the benefits are way too much. You can drive traffic to your YouTube channel by writing interesting blogs and embedding your relevant videos. It adds SEO benefits because embedding YouTube videos at the end of blog posts improve ranking on Google or Bing.
  • Add timestamp in your video description: The YouTube search bar is not the only way for users to discover relevant content. They can also use Google to stumble upon your YouTube videos. To make it easier for users to search the relevant information, Google introduced a feature to show video results directly using SERP. So, if you put a timestamp and the topic you discussed in the description, you can grab potential viewers organically.
  • Social media: Nowadays, it is very common to advertise your channel on social media platforms using digital marketing. So, you can use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to expand your reach. It is a good way to promote your new content and ask for votes to get new topics for your upcoming video.
  • Work on your thumbnails: A compelling and unique thumbnail grabs the user’s attention and insists they watch the video. So, an eye-catching thumbnail can help you increase YouTube views. However, do not use any irrelevant thumbnail to catch the user’s attention because this will negatively impact the channel.
  • Video editing and titles: Devote some time editing your video and shooting it in high quality. The video quality and correct titles play a major role in attracting views organically.


How Does Youtube Count The Views On Your Video?

Each time a person clicks on the video and watches for more than 30 seconds, it is counted as a view. Also, if you play your video, it is counted as a view. However, if a person, bot, or any website refreshes or plays the same video repeatedly to increase the YouTube views count. Then, YouTube’s algorithm does not count it as a view. Another factor that affects your YouTube ranking apart from subscribers and views is the watch time. To check the content quality of your video, YouTube checks the watch time of your video.

The watch time should be higher to come under the top results of the YouTube search. If most people who watched your video have seen 90% of the video, then your watch time remains high.


Does re-watching increase YouTube views?

Yes. If you play a YouTube video for at least 30 seconds or more, it will count your view. So, you can watch your video 50 times, and 50 views can be added to the count. Thus, re-watching your video can increase your view count. But, YouTube keeps the 30 seconds of playtime counted as a view. Besides, if someone constantly plays a video, YouTube can stop counting those views. So, it is better to follow effective strategies to increase your YouTube views.


Do YouTube views increase without an account?

Every YouTuber wants to increase their views. Especially when you are a newcomer on this platform. Besides, YouTube provides you with an analytics section to check the performance of your videos. So, if anyone watches your video even without an account, it will be counted as a view since the YouTube algorithm computes the view count from the IP address. However, you can grow your view count by watching videos using the same IP address. But, you can use it a couple of times with some time limitations. And you can use it at a time interval of 10-12 hours. Also, make sure to refresh the IP address before using it again.


Does YouTube count views if a video is muted?

Muting videos will not affect the viewer’s count. So, YouTube will surely count the view even if the video is muted. And it doesn’t have any method to tell whether you are watching a video on mute or not. Hence, playing videos on mute will not disturb the view count.


Does refreshing increase YouTube views?

YouTube follows a minimum video playtime rule. So, when you watch 20% of the video and then refresh, it counts as a view. But, once you gain somewhere around 300 views, the Google algorithm will detect whether the views are from the same IP address. Also, it may not count any other views after refreshing the video. Moreover, if they notice that views are not genuine or from bogus sources, your video may get deleted, or your account can get banned.


Does clicking loop increase YouTube views?

No. YouTube does not count view for the same video you play on loop. Also, as per the YouTube norms, view count doesn’t involve video loops. People use many ways to increase their number of views. But, it is essential to the rules and proper ways to do so. YouTube will not count views coming from the same device again and again. However, it may count views on the famous songs or playlists. But, it can determine whether it is genuine traffic or any scam like looping scam view.


Does embedded video increase YouTube views?

Yes. Any embedded video can increase the view count when you play that video. Besides, some embedded views may not count. Such as-

  • The videos that are set to autoplay
  • Repeated views from the same user
  • Views from spam IPs
  • Bot views
  • Video doesn’t load cleanly, i.e., there is some break in embed code


Is it legal to increase YouTube views through VPN/ software?

YouTube follows an algorithm where it can detect the nature or source of views. So, you should not use VPN/software to increase your YouTube views. Also, YouTube has an IP blocklist, and it won’t consider views as legit from a VPN. Usually, it will not block VPN connections. Instead, it might block the IP address of your VPN server. And detect any malicious activity coming from it.


Does watch a video on 2x speed will increase YouTube views?

No. It just delays the watch time and doesn’t affect the views count. So, if you watch a 10 minutes video on 2X speed, your watch time will decrease. And you will only get 5 minutes. Hence, if you want to upturn your YouTube views, you can buy views for your video. And get non-dropping and real opinions and increase your views count instantly.

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