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Five Ways To Gain More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

Grow Youtube Channel Subscribers 2020

Are you conspiring to start your first ever YouTube channel this year? Are you worried about whether it’s too late to get started? Are you marvelling about some ways to get loyal YouTube subscribers from day one? If you have analogous kinds of questions in your mind, it’s time to get them answered, here. In this article, I have compiled some unique and successful ways of reaping YouTube subscribers from day one. Trust me, all these ways are going to help you a lot. So without taking much of your time, let’s start.

1. Publish long videos (10+ minutes)

See, I am not asking you to publish long videos in order to place more ads and earn money. For the time being, our focus is only on SUBSCRIBERS. According to a study, publishing long videos is one of the major factors that help in ranking higher in YouTube’s search engine. 

2. Promote videos on your end screen

According to YouTube, more views are equal to more subscribers. But when you have just started your channel, how can you earn more views? It’s simple. Simply promote your videos on your end screen. Wondering how? Leave at least 10 seconds at the end of every video specifically for promoting. Look into the below image for reference.

In the above image, the video on the right-hand side is being promoted by the owner. Plus, for extra benefits, you can also place a “Subscribe” button on your end screen.

3. Replace your branding watermark with the subscribe button

Yes, you read that right. No need for any branding watermark at the bottom of your videos. Simply replace it with an ordinary “Subscribe” button. 

Why I’m saying this is because YouTube’s algorithm says that constantly asking the viewers to subscribe to your channel irks them a lot. Therefore, instead of asking them to subscribe, place the “Subscribe” button at multiple locations throughout your video. This has resulted in a generation of 70% more subscribers for many YouTubers. 

4. Quality > Quantity

You’re not going to prosper as a YouTuber if your prime focus is on quantity rather than on quality. No one expects seven videos a week i.e. one video daily. It is not going to attract many views or subscribers. Instead, it will degrade the quality of your videos. 

Hence, a golden rule says that post a maximum of 2-3 videos per week. Another thing to keep in mind is that let your viewers know at what time you’re most likely to post a video on your channel. This way, their curiosity grows and they are equally likely to subscribe.

5. Reply to EVERY comment

Yes, you have to read and reply to every comment on your videos. This is the easiest way to gain views, subscribers, and build trust among the viewers. Through a comment, the viewers confess what they feel about your video. Plus, as a newbie, you will benefit a lot if you start taking their comments seriously. 

Hence, these are the top 5 ways to earn more subscribers in 2020. If all these ways get failed then the fastest way is to buy youtube subscribers through

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